“Jim is on a first-name basis with 54 of our company leaders. He gets to know people quickly, remembers their names and is very authentic. He understands a lot of issues that different people feel. People like him, trust him and really listen to him.”

– Donna Marcin
HR Manage
New Hampshire Ball Bearings, Inc

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 For training dates, see EQi® Certification Overview or call 603-889-1099

The EQ-360® Learning Agenda

The EQi® self-report identifies the level of an individual's interpersonal functioning based on his or her own responses. The EQ-360® is a multi-rater assessment which probes further by having those who work closely with the individual provide information about them as well. The objective of the EQ-360® is to combine external impressions of a client's emotional functioning with the client's self-report for a complete picture.

The Multirater Feedback Report highlights key employee strengths and impediments to high performance, along with areas that could be further developed for optimum functioning. The EQ-360® assessment can also be used to follow up and measure progress where formal coaching has been employed as a development strategy.

The EQ-360® Certification Course Topics

This course focuses on helping participants to become comfortable, confident, and competent in their use of the EQ-360®. EQi® certification is a prerequisite for this training workshop. The workshop will cover understanding the assessment, interpretation, and feedback. The workshop activities are listed below.

  • Discover the instrument's background
  • Understand the report components
  • Interpret cases
  • Learn the principles of ethical test administration
  • Prepare for and practice feedback
  • Discuss the differences between the EQi® and EQ-360 scales


This course is recommended for professionals in the areas of executive coaching, recruitment, human resources, employee development, organizational development, management training, and counseling.

People who attend the EQ-360® Certification Course:

  • Become comfortable, confident, and competent in EQ-360® administration and interpretation
  • Engage in hands-on experience in a highly interactive, informal, dynamic atmosphere
  • Acquire an in-depth understanding of all aspects of the instrument for effective and responsible use
  • Learn enhanced skills to provide feedback to employees and/or clients
  • Practice applying the instruments with real-world corporate examples
  • Gain more confidence in making educated and informed decisions about employees and/or clients
  • Obtain a qualification certificate to purchase the EQ-360® assessment from MultiHealth Systems

Dates and Locations

The EQ-360 Certification Course is offered as an additional program to the pre-requisite EQi® certification. For dates and locations of all EQ-360® Certification Courses, please see EQi Certification Overview or call (603) 889-1099.

At the Workshop

All courses offer a lunch, as well as refreshments at afternoon breaks.

During the workshop, participants learn about the psychometric properties of the EQ-360® observer report, as well as how to effectively administer, interpret, and give feedback for the assessment. These skills are practiced by using real-world corporate case studies. You will receive an EQ-360 Technical Manual and other tools to help in your interpretation of results.        

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