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"Jim Kimberly's coaching helped me work more effectively with people and learn to be a leader, rather than just a boss. He challenges you and provides very candid feedback that pushes you to become a better leader and communicator. Jim's coaching is applicable no matter what your experience or your industry because he focuses on good, down-to-earth skills that help you understand your own management style, how it impacts others and how to improve your interactions with other people. I highly recommend him to any company that is trying to develop leaders and any leader who wants to be better at his or her job."

-- Senior Sales Executive at a Leading Electrical Distribution Company

"Sapphire Consulting gave us the tools to understand our personal and organizational behavioral and communication issues, and guidance so we could operate more effectively. Through executive coaching, Jim Kimberly challenged me with tough questions and helped me become a better communicator. Through department assessments, we gained valuable insights about our strengths and weaknesses to leverage for the growth of the company. Jim's services have played an important role in our success."

– Catherine Drouin
Green Mountain Communications

"Everyone needs someone to hold them accountable, someone to be straight with them. When you’re an owner, staff members will often filter remarks when you actually need their opinions in order to make better decisions. I rely on Jim Kimberly to be brutally honest and tell me what he thinks. He uses his knowledge of what works in organizations of different sizes and helps me understand what’s at the root of the issues, offers solutions and assists with implementation of initiatives.”

– Larry Billingsley
Owner & President
Major Mail, Inc

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Executive Coaching

Are you interested in enhancing your effectiveness by having a private coach? Have you thought about it before but didn't know who to select? Jim Kimberly has more than 20 years experience in coaching, counseling and improving business results in a wide variety of organizations. CEO's, executives and managers have found his style to be practical, down to earth and focused on performance results - results that you seek to create through a coaching partnership.

Coaching Objectives:

  • Provide confidential real-time consulting help on current challenges.
  • Establish objectives and tasks that are relevant to your short term and long term goals, both professional and personal.
  • Utilize telephonic and electronic communications to reduce travel costs.
  • Provide flexible time commitments that meet your needs and budget.
  • Provide responsive help every week by phone, email, fax, etc.

Sample Client Profile:

  • Executives, managers, professionals, business owners, and individual contributors working within an organizational structure.
  • Participants are able to acknowledge feedback and have a good level of insight to their current strengths and weaknesses.
  • Likes new challenges and opportunities for growth and change.
  • Desires the need for independent, objective coaching on either business issues or personal style issues to unlock your personal potential.
  • Practical and focused on results.
  • Desires confidential and concrete options which are responsive and focused on current goals.

How it works:

After a free initial consultation to see if there is a good fit, we agree to work with a 6 or 12 month agreement.

To Sign Up:

Please call (603) 889-1099 and speak with Jim Kimberly for a free initial consultation. Be prepared to discuss your position, goals, and what you expect from the Executive Coaching Program. Once payment is made by check or credit card, we will set up a schedule and discuss your particular needs and how best to proceed.

About Jim

Jim has been consulting with senior managers and executives for over 20 years. He holds a Master's Degree in Social Work and has advanced training in coaching and emotional intelligence. He holds memberships in the American Management Association, Organizational Development Network, the National Human Resources Association and the Society for Human Resource Management.

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