"One of the secrets to Jim Kimberly's success is that he can successfully integrate into a company to the point that he is no longer viewed as an outsider. People feel that they can talk to him, which helps him be a very effective trainer. Personally, Jim has been a great outlet and an exceptional executive coach. He has the unique ability to deliver tough messages without being critical or putting you on the defensive."

-- Mike Hanrahan
Hitchiner Manufacturing Co., Inc.




Our consultants conduct a careful evaluation of organizational needs by using interviews and a variety of assessment tools. The assessment identifies strengths, weaknesses, and barriers to productivity.  > read more


We collaborate with senior management and key stakeholders to identify goals for organizational and individual performance and develop strategies to achieve these goals. Organizations often use our facilitation to clarify mission, vision and values in order to build internal commitment. Clients also turn to us for assistance with team building, change management and succession planning.

Coaching Culture

Sapphire can help identify strategies for success and keep individuals and organizations motivated. Leaders are finding that the old "boss" mentality doesn't work anymore; they need to adopt a coaching culture throughout the organization in order to achieve peak performance. Coaching is often used to develop individual skills for executives through one-on-one consultations; address employee behaviors that are detrimental to the organization; and build an organizational "coaching culture" that inspires each employee to reach his or her potential.  > read more

Executive Coaching

Are you interested in enhancing your effectiveness by having a private coach? Have you thought about it before but didn't know who to select? Jim Kimberly has more than 20 years experience in coaching, counseling and improving business results in a wide variety of organizations. CEO's, executives and managers have found his style to be practical, down to earth and focused on performance results - results that you seek to create through a coaching partnership.  > read more


Training programs are custom-designed to meet our client's specific needs. We have experience with leadership development programs and supervisory skills training which address individual, team and organizational performance. Other training programs are designed to address behavioral issues that are critical to effective workplace productivity, i.e. communication, conflict resolution, harassment prevention, positive work environment, time management, etc.

What is the ROI of Emotional Intelligence?

Family Business Expertise

Sapphire Consulting holds expertise in helping family owned businesses take important developmental steps. We assess the family system, business system and the ownership/governance system to determine priorities moving ahead. We have worked with family run businesses in the small to mid market size ($2M - $200M) helping them with:

Strategic Direction:

  • Revision of mission, vision and values
  • Facilitating a strategic planning process
  • Developing revised business plans and management by objectives (MBO)

Board of Directors/Advisors Meetings:

  • Assisting with the integration of family and non-family directors/owners

Personal and Business Coaching:

  • Helping owners and their families clarify key goals and objectives as the business matures
  • Assisting in implementing the right change strategy to take the business to the next level
  • Encouraging owners to address complex business and familial issues so they proactively enhance effective leadership and employee trust

Leadership Development

  • Assess current talent and coach leaders to new levels of competency, assisting the business to grow and thrive
  • Recruit new talent when appropriate, providing onboarding and HR consulting

Succession Planning:

  • Assisting the owners in identifying the right succession plan, utilizing their goals and objectives and the appropriate resources
  • Referral to appropriate outside experts (wealth management, trusts and estates, ESOP, insurance, etc.)

Facilitating Family Meetings:

  • Helping families discuss important topics in a meaningful and safe environment that allows all to participate
  • Clarifying current roles and responsibilities and exploring desired future roles


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