Client Comments:

“I feel like the Board and I are more focused and ready to embrace the challenges and opportunities of the years ahead. Sapphire gave us the tools that we needed to empower us and set people up for success.”

– Karen Kersting
Executive Director
UpReach Therapeutic Riding Center

Client Stories

Upreach Theraputic Riding Center

The Business
Non-profit organization dedicated to improving the physical, emotional and psychological development of challenged children and adults.

The Need
The organization had conducted an analysis of its strengths and weaknesses and formulated a business plan for the future. As part of this process, it completed a major staff restructuring and identified the need for enhanced leadership skills among key staff members and the Board of Directors.

The Response
Sapphire Consulting was hired to provide executive coaching and board development services.

  • Executive Coaching: Using feedback gathered during sessions with the organization’s staff, Sapphire helped the Executive Director and Program Director evaluate their own perceptions about their job performance and leadership skills, versus the reality was articulated by the staff. Sapphire then worked one-on-one with the Executive Director and Program Director to help them maximize their effectiveness.

During this process, Sapphire used Emotional Intelligence evaluations to help the organization leaders better understand themselves and other people. Sapphire then helped the Executive Director and Program Director improve employee performance by customizing communications to respond to the varying personalities of staff members.

  • Board Development: Sapphire Consulting surveyed individual board members by phone and in person to understand perceptions about strengths and weaknesses of the organization and the challenges to be faced in the years ahead. Sapphire then shared the results with the Board in preparation for the next phase of the project, which will be completed once new board members take office. In the second phase of the project, Sapphire will help the Board of Directors examine challenges and chart a path for the future.

The Outcome
Through Executive Coaching, Sapphire helped the organization leaders improve communication and delegation skills, understand their own strengths and weaknesses, and discover leadership tools to empower staff and board members. Initial Board Development work conducted by Sapphire helped the organization identify the skill sets needed when soliciting new members for the Board of Directors.

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